Beta 5 Chocolates (Dessert)

Beta 5 was founded by co-owners Adam Chandler who looks after the products and Jessica Rosinski who looks after the business aspects. This partnership formed a double edge sword as locals were well made aware of this new chocolate shop, and the taste held its own. Capitalizing on its success, the store shortly branched off towards making their iconic creampuffs and to now offering ice cream sandwiches as well.

The location was chosen very meticulously. The shop seems to be a semi warehouse shop design featuring a garage door as an optional entrance on the outside. Once on the inside, simplicity is the best word to describe it. A white table in the middle and shelves on the sides allow them to display their packaged products like chocolate. A large display showcasing their creampuff and ice cream sandwich flavours each take up a sizeable portion of the space. What remains are a marble counter with freshly made chocolates displayed alongside their cash register. The secret to their success is found in their desserts itself so lets dive in.

Cream Puffs
Generally speaking, everything offered here is an edible work of art. But the item that attracts my attention the most are the cream puffs. On the outside, it looks delicate and elegant and I want to devour one away in a matter of seconds, I would rather take my time to appreciate the artistic element of this dessert. Across the board, they offer vastly different ingredients featuring different special flavours but maintain a consistent taste and texture.
Texture: 9/10. The outer shell is perfectly rigid while holding everything inside well without loosing any crunch or chew. The inside made with a flavourful reduced compote contrasted with denser chantilly cream filling to give it balance.
Taste: 9/10. The taste is delicious. It is a treat of a dessert; not something that you can have everyday, but having this once in a while makes you appreciate how good it is.

Raspberry – Earl Grey Cream Puff
This is probably the single most popular item on their menu and it has good reasons.
Flavour: 10/10. A strong tea scent comes from the earl grey flavoured chantilly cream on top. It is then followed by a reduced raspberry compote to ensure that the pallet is never bored. This classic item has never disappointed as it perfectly balances acidity with sweetness and is further elevated with the tea flavour which is both dense and light at the same time.

Vietnamese Coffee
Anyone who appreciates bitter desserts is surely in for a treat.
Flavour: 9/10. The espresso flavoured chantilly cream was strong enough to be both a little bit sour and bitter on its own. But the condensed milky compote harnessed those flavours perfectly resulting in this very traditional flavour. Although the flavour was written in the description itself, the final product packs a strong unexpected punch because of how well it complimented itself.

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