HouCaiLei Oriental Teahouse (Teahouse)

Originating from Taiwan, HouCaiLei landed in Burnaby, BC back in 2017. Aside from having the same origins, they are vastly different from other tea houses. Their interior is decorated with hipster inspired furniture and accessories to begin, but they diverge greatly in every drink. Although everything is made to order, their drinks have this ability to taste simply special.

Milk Tea That Doubles The Happiness
Seeing that their brown sugar jelly milk tea was the first item on their menu, I took it as a dare to test out how good their drinks are. I usually order my drinks half sweet because I consume them religiously. Doing this means that I can have two separate drinks so doing this means I have two drinks and only have the sugar from one drink. cups and equivalent tot the sugar of one regular drink. But as for the drink itself, it was creamy and smooth as milk tea should be, but it did have a slight caramel taste from the brown sugar giving it more dimensions

Brown Sugar Jelly Milk Tea (Left) & Grapefruit Green Tea (Right)

Fresh Fruit Tea Series
This series hits it home for me. Fruity tea drinks are one of the toughest ones for tea houses because there is always a battle between tea flavours and fruit flavors. Although most places allow you to customers the sugar levels, the fruit flavoring is often tied together with the sugar as well so less sugar results in less flavor. But this wasn’t the case for me. I had their Grapefruit Green Tea and found it to be perfectly balanced. The sugar syrup compliments the slightly bitter and acidic fruit flavor of grapefruit making it light and refreshing.

Even though it feels like there is a new bubble tea shop opening up every week, HouCaiLei still holds a very special place for me. Their drinks have been the most consistent and tatse distinctly different from everyone else. Their stronger tea taste in every drink is something I can appreciate time after time. They have recently opened up another lcoation in Richmond, so if youre feeling adventurous, give it a try and you wont be dissapointed.

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