Chatime (Teahouse)

Arguably one of the most popular Tea houses in the world, Chatime debut in Vancouver back in 2015 was an instant success. Their first store opened up in the heart of downtown on Robson Street. No time was wasted in between was they now have 13 locations across the Lower Mainland and have become a mainstream staple.

Roasted Milk Tea
This is unique to Chatime. Others have tried to replicate this but it does not come remotely close. To put it into words, the flavor tastes as though the tea leaves were smoked prior to being brewed. The drink taste very mature and sophisticated which is refreshing as having too much regular milk tea can become rather tiring.

Roasted Milk Tea With Pearls (Left) & Thai Milk Tea with Pearls (Right)

Thai Milk Tea
Thai Milk Tea uses ingredients typically found in savory dishes like star anise, cardamom, and tamarind. When done right, the drink emanates a delicious smelling aroma reminiscent to toasted coconuts.

Chatime has one of the largest menus as they also offer smoothies, coffee, and they have recently innovated towards offering sparkling drinks. But personally, I always find myself drinking either the Roasted Milk Tea or Thai Milk Tea because they hold their own place. Give these two drinks a try to see if we have similar taste preferences!

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