Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant (Food)

Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant is one of the pinnacle spots in the lower mainland that has been open for nearly a decade. They are most famous for providing Dim Sum which is the concept of serving Chinese tea to be accompanied by savory and sweet dishes starting at 9:00 AM running through till 3:00 PM in the afternoon. Their restaurant fills up very quickly and guest can expect lineups started at 9:30 AM till their brunch service end.

Every dish being offered is made at a large scale greatly contributing to the overall taste. Taking it one step further, the master chef has been practicing Chinese culinary arts for over the past 30 years which is eminent in the flavors being comparable to that found in China. Though there are no specialty gimics or flavor variations, Western Lake has taken the time to perfect the classic dishes.

Although this is not a specialty at Western Lake, they typically provide just what you would need. There are typically very few servers that all roam around the restaurant lending a hand to all the tables together for maximized productivity. After picking your dishes, you hand them over the ordering menu, and they bring you your food. They occasionally come by and clear empty dishes as guest finish, but they do so veryd iscretly allowing guests to socialize with their family and friends.

Chinese seafood restaurants typically have a square or round tables with food being placed the middle for sharing and guests are seated around the table. They are usually loud and noisy because they are optimal places for family and friends to gather. Though this is not an optimal place for a nice date or quiet space, this is extremely popular because the environment is very interactive and high energy.

Western Lake is one of the best Dim Sum restaurants for the fact that they provide great tasting food in a clean environment at unbeatable prices. Over the past decade, Western Lake has developed relationships with locals from all over the city as th employees working there rarely change. Many people come here religiously for sentimental reasons but they are always attrracting new patrons as they provide incredible value.


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