Mini Assignments 2: Iron Man

Americas most righteous man once asked me what I was without my suit of armour. Without hesitation, I answered ” Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.” It might not look like I know what I’m doing on the outside, but I know exactly what I’m doing.

Outside of driving in my race cars, making metal suits and occasionally saving our planet, there’s nothing I love more than a eating a good meal after all the work is done. If you’ve read this far, you’re in for a treat because keep following this blog as Steve will bring us around the food scene in search of the best cheeseburger.

Vancouver has some of the best foods around the world. Not only is it next to the ocean giving endless access to seafoods, but Canada is rich is natural resources benefiting local farmers which trickle down to everyone that eats their food.

Between you and I, Steve told me that he would be try to find the best western and eastern burger. Once he’s had both, he will tell me what’s the best so I eat it myself when I’m in Vancouver.

Love you 3000.

If you haven’t figured who I am yet…

I. Am. Iron. Man.


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