Peer Review 3: My Infiniti and Beyond

Enough about me and my food adventures. We will take another deep dive on a different blogger’s website. Jane Cheung has created “My Infinity and Beyond” which has the caption “A flexitarians Gourmet journeys, interspersed with some amazing encounters. Though she may eat meat here and there, she often steers towards vegan or vegetarian options instead. This one difference makes her blog stand in a unique place making her more likely to gain a consistent viewership amongst everything else. Personally speaking, Jane comes from Hong Kong and has a strong appreciation for Asian culture and the delicious cuisine that it comes with as well. She is bold in letting her background shine as she breaks down Kanji (Japanese) Cantonese writing when the opportunity arises. This equally contributes towards viewers being a fan of Jane as a writer increasing her marketability. 

Having read more of Jane’s post, her passion for writing and her ability to connect with her viewership is shown in an even greater light. The blog post itself are extremely detailed and bring us close into her personal circle as if they she is speaking directly to the viewers and giving them her honest food recommendations and opinions. As the blog currently stands, there is a variety of content touching on both Western and Asian cuisine. This is a helpful factor in exposing the viewers towards different cuisines. With an ongoing relationship of more and more trust being built, the viewers may then start considering Jane’s recommendation of foods that they might not have ever thought about trying otherwise. This makes her content extremely marketable and it can directly impact the sales of restaurants given the increases exposure this can garner.

The visuals of her blog itself are extremely inviting. The background is coloured in soft pastel blue meanwhile every picture posted on the website nearly resembles the rainbow. The website layout is extremely organized with all the course content being listed towards the bottom meanwhile the blog post itself is placed near the top is a rotating fashion to better attract viewers. Although this may have been a mere copy and post template to begin, Jane had made adaptations for her blog that make it her very own. 

Overall, Jane’s blog is not only visually vibrant, but it is also rich in content. After looking through every corner of My Infinity and Beyond, I believe that this blog will gradually attract a larger following with a consistent viewership. Jane has the ability to captivate her audience and make them feel at ease. Perhaps this is due to the fact that as James Hamblin notes in his “How to Talk to Strangers” publication, she feels “connected to [her] block”. Believing that the audience is approachable and within reach makes writing much easier leading to her post becoming more easy to read and enjoy as well. 

Here is a link to the blog directly:

1. Hamblin. James. 2016. How to Talk to Strangers


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