Process Post 8: Analytical Adjustments

After looking through the results from Google Analytics, I’ve realized that the time spent on my website was rather short. So in an attempted to make things slightly more interesting, I made a consistent layout change.

Previously, blog post featured an image meanwhile everything else was left untouched. It made my blog seem unorganized and relatively uninviting. Seeing nothing but words will make you either just close the tab, or make you go back to the page you were previously on.

To fix that problem, I have retroactively gone backwards and added in a small feature image of the in class “Pub101” activity we made as a header image informing viewers that these are course related content.

Visually looking at my website, it now looks much cleaner and organized. Although it does still have a lot of words, they are now compliments towards an image. Though not a big change, this difference has made even myself more content with looking at my blog.


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